Farmers and Ranchers

Your land is your livelihood and each time damage is done you lose more than just money. Your hard work and the long hours you have invested are lost.

Cattle, chickens, sheep, goats and many other livestock are at increased risk from predators. These predators can become dependent on your valuable animals, targeting them as a food source at the most vulnerable times.

Crop damage has serious impacts on every farmers harvest. Animals are known to be devastating to any field of fruits and vegetables and the losses can be catastrophic. Wildlife can be just as destructive as bad weather, but there is a solution. Protect your crops. Protect your investment.

Trapping is the most efficient way to remove that threat as quickly as possible.

  • Quick Service
  • Targeted custom programs
  • Designed for the safety of your livestock and property
  • Full service year round availability
  • Experienced and dedicated to results
  • All terrains, all conditions, land and water trapping
  • Professional and knowledgeable

The benefits of a professional trapping program on ranches and farmland:

  • Saves time and money
  • Protects young animals and valuable breeding stock
  • Reduces damage to property
  • Prevents future losses

Reasons to Choose Predator Control Services

• Over 20 years of Nuisance Wildlife Trapping Experience •

• Servicing all Counties in Georgia •

• Great Customer Service •

• All Species, All Seasons, All Types of Terrain •

• Quality Equipment and Supplies for THE Best Results •

• Custom Programs •

• Cost Effective •

• Full Catch Reports on All Services •


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