raccoon on fenceGeorgia has some of the most varied terrain in the country. From the mountains to the coast there are so many types of environment for wildlife to thrive. This is also true for the towns and cities compared to the rural countryside. Dealing with nuisance wildlife gives us a broad picture of the populations and issues seen in all parts of Georgia.

Many people believe that our cities may hold less wildlife, however it would be a surprise to learn that in many cases the urban environment can support higher populations of some animals. Squirrels, possums, raccoons, and even rats are right at home in the concrete jungle that is our cities and towns. Populations of these animals are heavily impacted by food sources. With millions of pounds of trash and wastes being generated each day this offers a buffet of massive proportions. This abundance of food means that animals do not have to fight over territory and can maintain a regular breeding pattern with increased litter size.

When you compare that situation with a rural wooded or forested area, these animals often need a much larger territory to achieve the same food supplies. This limits the population in the natural settings. These country cousins must also spend more time foraging over greater distances and use up more energy to locate their food. This decreases the breeding potential and can keep the overall population in check. There are normally more predators for the smaller species and this contributes to the smaller populations.

Predator Control Services specializes in both types of terrain. Having many years of experience knowing and understanding how the locations and environment effect these animals is critical to a successful removal program. Knowing exactly how to target each species in the country and the city, and the summer and winter is what makes us the professionals.

It may be your farm, your yard, or even your rural recreational property that needs our help. The best decision you can make is to choose the professionals at Predator Control Services and make certain it gets handle the right way the first time every time.

Coyotes, Foxes, Beaver, Bobcats, Raccoons, and Possums are our specialty anywhere in Georgia.

General Information on some of Georgia’s wildlife: