I am often asked how often we check our traps and what are the rules in the State of Georgia on the topic. The quick answer is every 24 hours. That is the requirement by the State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources. However, there is a more detailed answer that goes to the heart of ethical trapping of nuisance wildlife. Since we work year round in all conditions and terrains it is important to understand where is the best place to set traps and when in that 24 hour period is the best time to check them.

For summer time when the temperature can jump into the 90’s I always make sure to check our live traps early in the morning before the heat of the day can stress an animal that might have been caught overnight. Placing them in the shade wherever possible is another step we take to ensure each animal is handled safely and humanely. Predator Control Services goes as far as making sure our trucks are covered with camper shells to keep it shaded and protected from the elements. This is important in the summer and in the winter. Safely transporting the wildlife is just as critical as how we set up our equipment.

Since we are the premier company handling larger animals and dedicated trapping services, we are regularly referred by other companies as well as local animal control offices throughout the State of Georgia. It is our reputation on the line each and every time a customer decides to use our services, and I take that very seriously.

Predator Control Services is fully committed to following all the laws and guidelines. This ensures that our customers will receive the highest level of service and that the wildlife is treated safely and with respect.