Weekend training class with Georgia Bushcraft: Feb 17th-19th

Predator Control Services is proud to announce a weekend training class with Georgia Bushcraft*. (www.georgiabushcraft.com) This fun filled weekend is sure to be a memorable time for all participants. Learn the traditions of the mountain men and modern trapping...

Wildlife Blog Update: Beavers

Late winter and early spring is a busy time for many animals. This means your property is at risk from negative impacts from wildlife. Our ecosystem is an intricate balance between mother nature and damage caused by those nuisance wildlife species. Let’s look at some...

Identifying snakes in Georgia

Snakes are helpful in keeping rodent population under control. Some snakes, like the King Snake, even prey on venomous snakes. Here’s a useful reference for identifying Georgia snakes: http://www.whatsnakeisthat.com/southeast/georgia.html