Predator Control Services is proud to announce a weekend training class with Georgia Bushcraft*. (www.georgiabushcraft.com) This fun filled weekend is sure to be a memorable time for all participants. Learn the traditions of the mountain men and modern trapping techniques combined.

February 17th-19th we will be the instructors for the Wilderness Trapping Class at the training facility located in Watkinsville, Georgia. Suitable for all ages and skill levels this weekend class will cover trapping from beginning to end. Included are the modern techniques developed over many generations and the primitive bushcraft survival trapping techniques of our ancestors.

Learn how to choose the proper gear, and most importantly how to properly prepare the equipment and use it out in the field. See how to read terrain and interpret tracks. Experience running a real life trapline and picking the right lures and baits for success.

Trapping was the industry that opened up great expanses of our country. The stories of the mountain men and the hardships they endured are legendary. The long journeys and years of exploring and of the rugged men and women who founded this country on the trapping tradition are ready to be relived.

Come experience this time honored tradition, learn about our local wildlife, and experience the outdoors from a new perspective. Outdoorsmen will learn skills for bushcraft, survival, and preparedness. We look forward to seeing you there.

*Sign up through www.georgiabushcraft.com Look for the Wilderness Trapping Class, or contact us directly for details.


Jason Chapman