Q. How effective is a nuisance coyote trapping program?
A. The program that Predator Control Services offers has been refined over many years of specifically targeting urban and rural coyotes. It is the most efficient way to reduce or eliminate coyotes in a residential or rural areA.

Q. Can this be done year round?
A. Yes, as a Licensed Wildlife Control Operation we are permitted by the Georgia State Department of Natural Resources to deal with coyotes all year.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Wildlife removal is a specialized service and Predator Control Services carries the very best business liability insurance for our industry. This protects our customers and assures that you can have peace of mind you are hiring a professional company.

Q. How many coyotes are there in the area?
A. Coyote populations are based on two main factors. Available space and available food sources. Most coyotes have a 1-3 mile territory and often remain in family units consisting of a male and female adult and several juveniles. They can become more social in the fall and winter and may interact with other coyotes from other territories. On average, we remove 4-10 coyotes from most residential programs.

Q. How often should a control program be implemented?
A. We recommend for areas of higher activity that a once a year program is normally sufficient in keeping the numbers reduced. However, it is possible to see a reduction program remain effective for several years after completion.

Q. Will removing some of the coyotes result in increased breeding or more coyotes in the future?
A. No it will not, a properly planned and implemented nuisance coyote program will reduce the population in that areA. It may take several years of normal breeding cycles to replace those animals removed, and it is possible that they may not return at all.

Q. Are the traps safe?
A. Yes, we would never use any piece of equipment that endangered an animal. The traps we use are specifically designed for coyotes and are the standard equipment used for control of coyote populations. These are the same traps used by many wildlife biologists for study and relocation programs.

Q. How long do you trap for?
A. The most effective plan is designed around two weeks (14 days).

Q. Can you meet with our residents to answer any questions?
A. We are always available to come and meet with any group or individual. We even offer free seminars for local civic organizations on a variety of nuisance wildlife topics. See our events page on the website: www.predatorcontrolservcies.com