Late winter and early spring is a busy time for many animals. This means your property is at risk from negative impacts from wildlife. Our ecosystem is an intricate balance between mother nature and damage caused by those nuisance wildlife species. Let’s look at some of the issues associated with this time of year.

Beavers are an amazing creature. Their ability to control their environment by damming up waterways is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. These industrious critters inhabit every part of Georgia and almost all other states in the country. Their population numbers continue to rise and with that overabundance come the problems. Flooding is a real concern with beavers. Homeowners and Timber Properties are especially at risk during the early yearly rains. Dams have been built and reinforced all winter long and the rainy weather can cause water levels to rise quickly, flooding creeks and ponds well above their banks and putting homes at risk. Thousands of acres of timber property can be lost in just a short time from one dam. Removing the dams and the beavers quickly is the priority. Choosing the right company with the right equipment is critical to success. Predator Control Services has that equipment and can handle any size problem from the local homeowner’s association retention pond all the way up to the largest commercial property.

Another concern with beavers is the damage to the trees. As an herbivore, beavers eat mainly plant material and specifically the inner bark or fresh shoots of trees. They use both small and large branches as well as trunks to build their dams and their lodges. Once a population of beavers move in you can immediately see the damage. Attacking almost every species of tree, they have been known to even attack sap laden pine trees. Many of these large trees are irreplaceable for the land owner. It may take a lifetime to see a large oak regrow or to watch the maple or pear tree reach a comparable size. In addition to the massive loss of a mature tree, the root systems of these trees that are often close to water help reduce erosion and bank loss. Without these trees the creeks and ponds may see serious long term damage resulting in the loss of the water source.

As with all of nuisance wildlife work Predator Control Services offers the fastest results with the most humane methods available. If you run into those pesky beavers this year, you know who the experts are and who you can trust. We are always ready to answer any questions and help offer solutions for all your nuisance wildlife needs.


Jason Chapman