Coyote’s are here to stay. Atlanta, and the rest of Georgia, is now home to a thriving population of invasive eastern coyotes. These animals are no longer hidden in the backwoods and rural farms, but have invaded even the most urban areas.

Coyotes for the most part can be tolerated in small numbers; however they are heavy breeders and are starting to overpopulate by being offered an easy buffet of rodents, food scraps, strays cats, and family pets. The volume of food available to a city coyote is massive compared to its country cousins. Easy pickings on every street corner, or more accurately behind every building with a dumpster.

This large volume of food along with no natural predators has allowed the Atlanta Coyote to become a very common sight. But what happens when they start to lose their fear of humans? Or when other coyotes begin to encroach on their territory and push them into new and cramped locations. That’s when the negative impact of these animals starts to require a control program.

This year we have seen multiple stories of pets being attacked, and at least one attack on a person jogging was reported in Roswell. That particular coyote was later tested and found to have rabies. Luckily the local animal control department was able to respond quickly and catch and remove it from the area. But with thousands of acres of green spaces and hundreds of miles of tree lined roadways, you can bet there are more where that one came from, lots more.

Coyote removal is a labor-intensive undertaking. Traps must be checked once per day, and in some cases checking twice a day may be needed. Many hours are spent setting up the equipment and monitoring the area for possible activity and travel routes. The equipment needed for the best results can be costly to purchase and learning to use it effectively can take years.

Thankfully Predator Control Services has done the all the work for you. All you need to do is pick up the phone and make the call. We have the equipment, experience, insurance, and licensing to make certain that your coyote problem is handled quickly and safely.

We handle all of Georgia for Coyotes and are ready to respond to any size property and offer plans for both residential and commercial.

Recent attack on Roswell jogger.