Spring is here and that means one thing: Snakes!

Georgia has quite a few species of snakes and fortunately very few of them are poisonous. Most of the snakes you will see in your yard are going to be the good kinds. The ones who eat insects, rodents, and of course other snakes. But be aware that we do have some snakes that are highly venomous and to a trained eye they are easy to identify, although most people are not interested in getting close enough to make the distinction.

There are several things a homeowner can do to make their home less desirable to snakes. The following are recommendations to help keep you snake free:

  1. Reduce clutter around the home. Snakes love to hide in small holes and spaces. Woodpiles, stored items, piles of stones and bricks are all very inviting and can be a big attractant to snakes. Move them as far away as possible or eliminate them completely
  2. Cut back heavy shrubbery and keep grass cut low. Natural habitat for most snakes are thick grassy areas or hiding in heavy vegetation. Make sure these areas around your yard are cleaned up and kept cut back to eliminate the cover for them to hide.
  3. Watch for infestations of rodents. Mice, rats, and voles can all be a food source for both poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes. Seeing rodents in your yard is a sure sign that snakes will soon follow. Bird feeders, open trash cans, and pet food are the biggest attractants for rodents; remove them or place as far away as possible.

If you do see a snake either in your yard in in your home don’t panic. If possible block off the area and do not disturb the snake. They can hide in the smallest of places and if they are disturbed and go back into small holes and voids they are almost impossible to find. Simply back away from the snake, close the door to that room and call a professional. We have a better chance to remove the snake if it hasn’t been upset or bothered and many times, if left alone will stay right where it is, making removal easier and much more successful.

Predator Control Services specializes in full home snake inspections and removal. We also offer emergency removal services for our coverage area. Call today if you are concerned about a possible snake or on ways to prevent them from getting into your home or business.

Georgia is one of the riskiest states for snakebites: