How do I trap Armadillos? That question gets asked hundreds of times a week in Georgia. The first answer is always: Call us! Predator Control Services has the specialized equipment and the experience to get the job done right.

The very first step in any trapping program is to identify the problem. Armadillos typically leave rooted up areas in lawn and turf areas, plus they can get into flower beds and landscaping features. Their diggings are deeper than what is seen with squirrels and skunks. And not linear as we see with moles. The other most notable evidence is the large and deep burrows they make within their home range. Often these burrows can be under porches, decks, and along foundations, causing problems for the property and structure.

After verifying the target animal an assessment of the terrain will need to be made. Look specifically for transition areas between different types of areas, such as woods and lawn, or tree lines into fields. These transition zones are the best places to find more evidence of their travels. Locating dens and heavy areas of digging will start to allow a pattern to appear for the travel routes the armadillo is using regularly. Those travel routes are the best places to set your traps.

We recommend you purchase only the highest quality traps for armadillos. They are extremely strong and powerful animals. Lower quality traps like found in most big box stores or cheap online outlets are simply not strong enough to effectively hold an armadillo for long. There is nothing worse than going to all the time, trouble, and expense of setting up traps only to find them destroyed the next morning.

Once you have picked a suitable location, you must determine how many traps to set up. Normally we use five to seven traps for a typical infestation. This many traps helps increase the catch rate and success of the program. These can be set along trails or in high areas of activity. Boards, Fencing, and brush piles can be used to help steer the armadillo into the trap.

Another question we hear all the time is what type of bait to use? Unfortunately, there are really no good baits that are available. Their natural foods are grubs, insects, and worms; all of which are very difficult to keep in a trap to entice an armadillo to enter.

Predator Control Services has however developed an attractant lure that we use to entice the armadillo to investigate and enter a trap. We have used this lure successfully all over Georgia and is the main reason we have become so successful at ridding our customers of these pests. At this time, we are not offering the lure for sale to the public but as always we can offer anyone in our service area access to our world class trapping services.

Call us today to see if we can help with any of your nuisance wildlife issues.

Fun Facts about armadillos: