Predator Control Services is teaming up with Red Hill Gun Range for another exciting training weekend.


Red Hill Range
2238 Toms Creek Road
Martin, Georgia 30557


Saturday March 18th 8:00am-5:00pm
Sunday March 19th 8:00am-4:00pm

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Wildlife Trapping Class

Come learn the fundamentals of wildlife trapping from a professional trapper. Experience hands on training in an entertaining and educational setting. See how to select the right gear and set it up for success in the field. Understand how very subtle and specific details make all the difference. Review the trapping regulations and help understand how to keep yourself legal.
This is a course designed to get you into wildlife trapping from start to finish. Whether you are targeting coyotes, beavers, or other furbearers this detailed workshop will get you ahead of the game. Over two days you will experience the full range of what it takes to be a successful trapper.

Day 1:

Learn with hands on workshops:

  • Proper trap selection and anchor systems
  • Trap tuning, set up, and repairs
  • Correctly dyeing and waxing equipment
  • Fundamentals of setting for specific species
  • Practice land and water sets for a variety of Georgia Wildlife
  • Snare making and proper use

Day 2:

Another action-packed day:

  • Run an actual trapline and check traps with a pro
  • Learn proper wildlife handling skills (Especially dealing with non-target catches)
  • Fur handling techniques
  • Reading tracks and terrain
  • Specialized predator trapping techniques for year-round success
  • Bait and lure selection as well as how to make your own for less

Trapping is a skill that takes a lifetime to master, however getting direct instruction on the fundamentals will make sure you start out in the right direction. Come join us for an amazing class that even the most experienced outdoorsmen will enjoy and learn from.